Storm Water Infrastructure Installation

Building new commercial developments increase impervious surfaces. These paved, concrete or even shingled areas cause water to run off where it was once absorbed by the ground.

Installing a storm water drainage system will help manage how your storm water runoff is channeled. Using an underground drainage system allows water to be directed to a designated area such as a water retention basin. Prevent potential flooding by having an experienced excavation company install your storm water runoff system exactly to your site plans.

Storm Water Drainage Installation in Lousville, Ky

Installed to your site plan specification and building codes.

Storm Drain Installation


Culvert or Concrete Piping Installation

Retention Pond Installation


Prevent Flooding and Erosion

Precast Storm Drains


Create an Underground Water Route

Underground Storm Sewer Utility Installer

Dirt Works Unlimited has installed miles of underground storm water utilities and sanitary sewer systems in the Louisville, Ky and Southern Indiana area. Our experience includes work with municipalities, commercial developers and subdivision developments.

In addition to working with a vast array of customers, Dirt Works Unlimited has experience in laying many different types of pipe. From large concrete pipe and box culverts to small plastic corrugated drainage pipe, our team can safely trench and install the pipe that is required according to your site plans.