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Hiring the right excavation contractor for your commercial, industrial or residential projects can make the difference in your budget and building deadlines. Partnering with Dirt Works Unlimited ensures that your tight deadlines will be met by our strict work schedules and adhere to your projects guidelines. From land clearing and demolition to water and sewage utilities, Dirt Works Unlimited can handle every aspect of your project development.

Excavation Service

Whether you call it dirt work, earth moving or site prep, we can move it, haul it, raise it or lower it.

Utility Installation

Underground utilities are a necessity before your building project can begin. Get water and sewer lines in place before foundations are poured.

Site Development

Before buildings go up, we create solid dirt surfaces on grade as a base for your construction.

Storm Water Retention

Storm water runoff is a priority in every job plan. Keep it contained with box culverts, round pipe and retention ponds.

Utility Contractor

Creating an underground utility network for your site

Water and Sewage Utilites

Storm Water Retention Basins

All site plans call for proper storm water drainage and storm water retention. Our team can take your engineered plans and turn them into a fully functioning site.

Underground Water Installation

Get water to your site through large or small diameter pipe. Along with water line installation, we can complete your systems with meters, hydrants or any other water system requirements.

Sewer Utilities

Municipal, commercial and residential properties all require a sewage connection. During the pre-construction phase of your project, we can install gravity systems, forced mains, lift stations and any other type of sewer system that is required by the engineers designs.

Prepare your site for construction

Site Development

Building Pad Preparation

Creating a solid dirt base for your construction project is essential. Our team can raise or lower the grade of your property according to the engineered site plans.

Erosion Control

Prevent the removal of soil from your construction site according to local and state guidelines. We can install temporary silt fences at the start of your project or create permanent erosion solutions once your job is complete.

Onsite Hauling

When your construction site calls for more than just moving dirt with dozers and excavators, or fleet of off-highway haul trucks can move dirt efficiently throughout your job site.

Development Works

Latest Projects

Land Clearing

Storm Water Drainage

Sanitary Sewer

Water Line Main

Retention Ponds

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