Utility Construction

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Sanitary Sewer Installation

Municipal, commercial and residential properties all require a sewage connection. During the pre-construction phase of your project, we can install gravity systems, forced mains, lift stations, and any other type of sewer system that is required by the engineer's designs.


Water Line Installation in Louisville, KY

  • Water utilities are the key components for any new construction project or municipality. Providing water to buildings and homes is also important for sanitary sewer systems. Whether you need a 6″ water main installed to deliver water to your customers, or you need to tap into a water main to supply your new apartment facility with water, Dirt Works Unlimited can trench, lay and backfill your water lines according to your site plans. When you need an experienced excavation company in the Louisville, KY, and Southern Indiana area to count on, call Dirt Works Unlimited.

Storm Water Drainage

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Catch Basins

Collect rainwater runoff with precast concrete catch basins. These are an integral part of any stormwater system.

Storm Water Drainage Grate

Drop Box Inlets

Drainage inlets are where your water runoff actually enters the drainage system. These inlets are set during the pre-construction phase. They are set to the grade of the finished surface height.

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Retention Ponds

Manage stormwater runoff with a retention basin. Wet ponds are designed to always be filled with some amount of water. They are used to prevent flooding by catching water runoff and storing it during heavy rain.

Sewer Line Installation

Underground Storm Sewer Utility Installer

Dirt Works Unlimited has installed miles of underground storm water utilities and sanitary sewer systems in the Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana area. Our experience includes work with municipalities, commercial developers and subdivision developments.

In addition to working with a vast array of customers, Dirt Works Unlimited has experience in laying many different types of pipe. From large concrete pipe and box culverts to small plastic corrugated drainage pipes, our team can safely trench and install the pipe that is required according to your site plans.

Sanitary sewer systems are the most integral part of any home or commercial property. Ensuring raw sewage is transported via underground piping to treatment facilities safely and effectively should be the top priority of any builder. Not to be confused with stormwater drainage systems, sanitary sewer lines only carry sewage.


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