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Excavating Company Louisville, KY

Excavating is the process of moving dirt to prepare sites for land development. Whether you call it earthwork, earth moving, or excavating, our experienced team and fleet of heavy equipment can help set grades for your construction project.

Your site plans set the groundwork for your project. Our team can convert your site plans from paper into the dirt. Your scope of work may start with land clearing, move on to sanitary sewer installation and end with building pad preparation. Dirt Works Unlimited can handle all aspects of digging, hauling, installing pipe, and compacting dirt.

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Bulldozer Clearing Site

Land Clearing

 Once the soil has been disturbed on site, it is considered loose dirt. Compaction is required to create a solid base for foundations. Get your property on grade with compaction from Dirt Works Unlimited.

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Digging dirt, pushing dirt, onsite hauling, leveling, and compaction. If it involves dirt, we do it.

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Setting the proper grade on your construction site is one of the most important aspects of building. Grading ensures your buildings are set at the proper height and water drainage is focused away from your foundations.

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Mechanical Soil Stabilization

Changing the physical properties of your soil with mechanical compaction techniques requires heavy equipment such as a large roller or sheep's foot roller. 

Using mechanical equipment applies to weight and pressure to force soil particles to interlock. Just like you see construction crews using a compactor to compress aggregates before pouring concrete, we use the same concept, only with dirt. Dirt Works Unlimited has experience in soil compaction and building pad prep to get the job done right. Our team is just a phone call away.

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Land Clearing

Clearing land for development is the process of removing trees, vegetation, or any existing structures. Land clearing and demolition are typically the first steps in any construction site development. The land has to be opened up before any site excavation can begin. That is why developers and homeowners rely on Dirt Works Unlimited for their land-clearing needs in the Louisville, Ky area. Our team is dedicated to following strict timelines and completing jobs ahead of schedule. That way you can meet your own deadlines and keep your investors happy. Whether you have one or 100 acres to clear, Dirt Works Unlimited is the land-clearing company you need.

  • Remove Trees & Vegetation
  • Remove Existing Structures
  • Fill in and Grading
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Hire an Excavating Contractor in Louisville, KY for your land development and construction site needs. We can handle every aspect of your site plans.

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