Controlling Erosion on Construction Sites

Erosion control in land development and on construction sites is a required step by many state and local governments. Through every step of construction site development, preventing sediment runoff can be done by implementing tried and true erosion control techniques.

The Louisville, Ky and Southern Indiana area requires that silt fences be installed around the perimeter of any site where bare dirt will be exposed. Silt fencing is set-in-place to ensure dirt will not be displaced due to water. Another effective form of erosion control is to seed areas where soil has been exposed.

When your job site requires erosion control techniques, call Dirt Works Unlimited.

Erosion and Sediment Control

Our Strategies are proven effective

Prevent Soil Loss


Ground Cover for Bare Soils

Storm Water Runoff


Slow Water to Prevent Bank Erosion

Construction Silt Fences


Land Development Barriers

Preventing and Managing Erosion

Preventing water erosion and implementing erosion control techniques for land developments and construction sites in the Louisville, Ky area is our specialty.

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