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Clearing land for development is the process of removing trees, vegetation or any existing structures. Land clearing and demolition are typically the first step in any construction site development. The land has to be opened up before any site excavation can begin. That is why developers and homeowners rely on Dirt Works Unlimited for their land clearing needs in the Louisville, Ky area. Our team is dedicated to following strict timelines and completing jobs ahead of schedule. That way you can meet your own deadlines and keep your investors happy. Whether you have one or 100 acres to clear, Dirt Works Unlimited is the land clearing company you need.

  • Remove Trees & Vegetation

  • Remove Existing Structures

  • Fill in and Grading

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Lot clearing requires more than just a chainsaw and a wood chipper. It requires skilled operators and a fleet of heavy equipment to get the job done right. Time is money in the construction and development industry. Hiring an experienced land clearing company like Dirt Works Unlimited means you get a dedicated crew that will go above and beyond to ensure your job requirements are met.

Types of Land Clearing

Clearing undeveloped land typically falls into three categories for us here at Dirt Works Unlimited. Searching the internet for types of land clearing gives you results that will make your head spin. You get everything from the cut and grind land clearing method to the push over method. While these are all ways to clear your land, we break them down into job categories instead of removal type. Don’t get too concerned about industry terms. If you want your land cleared, we will clear it.

Commercial Land Clearing

Land clearing for commercial and industrial developments are the largest and most time consuming projects. The scope of work on site plans is for a complete clear about 99% of the time. On commercial sites, a complete clear of trees, roots and undergrowth is needed to make way for the new development. A push over type of clear is required to remove tree root systems and the trees. The roots need to be removed in order to make way for sanitary sewer systems, water main installation, lift stations and building pad prep. Ridding the site of all below and above ground vegetation is a must. Trees are usually replaced in the landscaping site plans once the project is completed.

Residential Land Clearing

Residential land clearing is a selective type of clearing. When clearing land for homeowners, undergrowth is usually the target of removal. Large trees and mature trees are kept for their canopy and saplings are removed to open up the forest floor. Even when clearing for a home build, homeowners try to salvage as many trees as possible.

Agricultural Land Clearing

Clearing land for agricultural purposes falls in the same category as commercial clearing. Farmers need to remove trees, roots and undergrowth to increase their tillable acreage. On the other hand, we have also helped farmers clean undergrowth in wooded areas to increase pasture areas for cows to roam. During the clearing process, we often install ponds for cattle as well.


Dirt Works Unlimited is dedicated to being the premier land clearing company in Kentucky and Indiana. We are equipped with the team members, the experience and the fleet of heavy equipment to handle any size job.

Whether your job requires a bid for scope of work, or you are looking to hire a land clearing company for a personal project, we are committed to precision implementation of your site plans and customer satisfaction throughout the job.