Installing Sewer Systems

Sanitary sewer systems are the most integral part of any home or commercial property. Ensuring raw sewage is transported via underground piping to treatment facilities safely and effectively should be the top priority of any builder. Not to be confused with storm water drainage systems, sanitary sewer lines only carry sewage.

With something as important as a sewage system, you need a sewer utility installation company that can ensure the proper installation and functionality of your system. Dirt Works Unlimited is your source for all things sewers in the Louisville, Ky and Southern Indiana area. From trenching in your pipe during the pre-construction phase to repairing your existing sewer lines, Dirt Works Unlimited is here for you.

  • Pump Stations

  • Complete Underground Systems

  • Gravity Systems

  • Force Main Systems

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Underground sewer systems are an out of sight and out of mind type of system. Most individuals think that pvc pipes are placed end to end until it reaches the road. Dirt Works Unlimited knows that it takes an array of products to complete a large sewage system. From precast concrete boxes and concrete piping, to pvc pipe that exits buildings, we know how to put all the pieces of the puzzle together to complete your sewer system according to your plans.

Sewer Utility Contractor

Developing land for heavy residential districts and commercial developments often require engineered plans for sewage systems. In these types of engineered plans, they may require pump stations, gravity systems or force main systems to be installed. These are not your normal sewage utilities compared to a single family home attached to the city sewer.

When your plans call for a sanitary sewer system that goes beyond the scope of traditional sewer installs, Dirt Works Unlimited is here to install your complete sanitary sewer system according to your drawings. Our team can interpret your drawings and dig, trench, lay, backfill and complete your job on time so you can set the foundation of your project.


Dirt Works Unlimited is dedicated to being the premier sewer line installation company in Kentucky and Indiana. We are equipped with the team members, the experience and the fleet of heavy equipment to handle any size job.

Whether your job requires a bid for scope of work, or you are looking to hire an excavating company for a personal project, we are committed to precision implementation of your site plans and customer satisfaction throughout the job.