Whether you call it site prep, excavating or dirt work, Dirt Works Unlimited can handle every aspect of your construction project. Our team is here to help from the initial ground breaking to the rough grade once the buildings are complete. This site preparation project in Etown, Kentucky is an example of just that. Our team has been working to bring the site down to grade and moving dirt to create a main entrance. This project is still in the initial phase of development so feel free to follow along as we update pictures from the job.

Creating an Entrance

Every new development needs a grand entrance. On this site development project in Etown, Kentucky, we had to remove dirt from one side of the property to build up the entrance area from the main road. Using our pan tractors, we were able to achieve grade on the center section of the property by removing dirt and hitting grade on the entrance by moving the dirt there.

Precision Dirt Work

Site development requires precision accuracy. Grade must be met according to site plans and all contours of elevations must be cut in exactly to complete the end goal of a ready to build site. Our team of heavy equipment operators can take any site plans and turn your site into a ready for construction site.

Compacting Dirt

Moving dirt during a job site excavation requires that the dirt be compacted when placed in its new location. Our fleet of heavy equipment removed dirt from one location and compacted it back into another location using our sheeps foot. Doing compaction in small lifts ensures that all the dirt is compacted and stabile.

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