Installing a Retention Basin

Clearing land for commercial or industrial use means removing vegetation that absorbs water and replacing it with impermeable surfaces. Increasing solid surfaces requires a plan for storm water drainage. A natural solution for any development is a retention basin.

Also known as a retention pond, these basins are used to control storm water runoff.

  • Control how stormwater runoff is released into downstream systems.

  • Add aesthetics to your development

  • Handle large flows of water

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Building a Pond

Building a retention pond, lake, or pond for agricultural, commercial or residential use is more than just digging a hole. Installing a pond requires careful planning. Ensuring safety once the pond is built is the number one concern.

Digging a pond requires heavy equipment and an experienced pond building company at the helm. Don’t trust just any individual with a dozer to install your pond. Hire a company that knows the ins-and-outs of installing ponds and lakes. At Dirt Works Unlimited, our team has a long list of completed lakes. From catch basins for developments, to agricultural ponds for irrigation, Dirt Works can test your soil and ensure your property is suited for holding water.

Ponds and lakes are a great addition to any agricultural or residential property. Once full, they can provide livestock or crops the water they need to grow. For residential use, a pond or a lake can provide family fun for years to come. Fishing and swimming are some of the reasons property owners add ponds to their properties.


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